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Minnesota Rats
(located in southern Minnesota. 30 min. south of the twin cities)

current litter, busted!

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UPDATE: 8/14/2004

First I would like to state that I DO NOT condone the ads place above my web page. I am against most of them as they promote rats as food. But since this is a free webspace I have to deal with them. At least I can try to campain aginst them. If you do click on any of those adds above I ask that you please do not click on the ones promoting feeders. Thanks!
I'm sorry but I do not have any rats at the moment. I am planning on moving to a house with in the next year when That happens I will be breeding rats again. And I will post an update when a litter becomes available. Untill then you can always ask me any questions or just drop a note to say hi. Feel free to use this site for any research and to find information. You can also check out my MSN Groups below. And vote for my site also.

A little off the subject matter. I currently have two breeding Oscars. They are layng eggs about every month now. You can find more updates on these guys on my MSN Group, you'll find a link just below.

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or you can join my yahoo group.

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If you have any questions, send an email to me. And I will be happy to get back to you on your questions or adoption.

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